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The premier sports tracking app with real time stats to the fans, and simple statistic input for the coaches. KNOW THE GAME is our slogan. Allowing the vast communication of statistical communication to help promote the Student Athlete. 

Easy for everyone

Rated hands down the easiest sports stat tracking app. You’ll minimize distractions and stress less with tools that are easy for all users, including coaches and fans.


Get time back

Save hours of administrative work so you can focus on the game, not the logistics. Administrators report saving 5 hours every week. Coaches report saving 12 hours every month. Get the stats to the fan real time. 

Happy members

E-stats Sports is consistently ranked the #1 sports stat tracking platform, based on over 50,000 reviews. Our customers report a 99% satisfaction rate.


Little Peak

The ability to track, and report all the stats of the game REAL TIME.


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